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Competitors, welcome to JUNGLE DASH! You have been selected to compete in this gruelling race through the Amazon Jungle! Only one can be crowned champion however. Do you have it in you?


JUNGLE DASH is a racing game that combines “push your luck” dice rolling with “hinder your opponents” card playing strategy. Be the first player through the jungle to win the game.

A lightweight family game for 2-6 players, JUNGLE DASH is quick to set up and easy to learn.

Unique Features

  • Modular board is revealed as players progress, creating excitement and constant challenges!

  • Dynamically changing layout - players can alter the board to further their strategy!

  • Trillions of possible combinations make every game a new experience!

  • Built in catch-up mechanics keep all players engaged - everyone always has a chance!

  • Custom wooden dice and plastic free components, better for the environment

How To Play

Roll The Dice

On your turn, roll the dice to advance your token and collect cards.

You may keep rolling as long as you roll at least 1 foot icon each roll. The more icons you collect, the bigger the bonus! Fail to roll an icon however, and you lose the dice.

Advance Your Token

5 different terrain types pose different movement challenges to overcome.

Dense jungle, deep mud, rickety bridges, dangerous swamps, and clear paths create the jungle maze that will lead one player to victory.

Make Your Move

Use cards to execute your strategy: overcome obstacles in your path or hinder the progress of your opponents.

Some cards even permanently change the board for all players by cutting down the jungle with a machete, flooding pathways, or building bridges.

Rules & Videos

Download the latest rulebook here

Watch our Set Up & How To Play Video here

Watch a Play Through here

Play Online with Tabletop Simulator here


Q: When can I play a Card?
A: You may play a Card before, during, or after a roll, or between movements. The Risky Jump is considered one movement, so you could not play a Card mid-air

Q: Can I play more than 1 Card on my turn?
or, Can I discard 2 Cards multiple times on my turn?
A: Optional actions (playing a Card, discarding 2 Cards to draw one) may each be done once per turn. Butterfly is the only exception where you can play it even if you played another Card already that turn.

Q: If I roll 0 feet on my first roll, does my turn end immediately?
A: You may still play a card or discard 2 cards to draw 1 after rolling zero feet. (Also remember that you get to both rotate your Track Tile one position and rotate any revealed tile if you want after rolling 0)


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Thank You!

A special thanks to all of our supporters that brought Jungle Dash to life on Kickstarter!

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The Story

JUNGLE DASH was created while volunteering in the Amazon Jungle near Coca, Ecuador. The original game board was drawn on an old, destroyed, novel and the dice were carved from raw plantains. Development was often delayed as Sophia, the resident spider monkey, would eat the dice when not being watched.

Thank you to the Kichwa people for welcoming us onto your lands and showing us your way of life.

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